Monday, June 18, 2012

Food for Thought - Ionized Water*

Food for Thought - Ionized Water*

This morning on the train I got to talk to a blind woman who sat next to me.

Once we got over the small talk, she told me how she lost her eye sight after a routine cataract surgery. Today, the cataract operation is considered an effective and safe remedy to restore eyesight. But ironically for this retired registered nurse, the surgery on her right eye went badly. However, the outcome of the operation would be a satisfactory one if the surgeon who operated on her would just listen to what the patient tried to tell him after he implanted the new lens.

Now by choice another cataract operation is no longer an option for this former healthcare provider. To slow down the progression of the blindness in her other eye, this individual who used to practise allopathic medicine is actively looking for alternative treatments for her declining eye sight. Now she uses ionized water to quench her thirst and to soothe her eyes.

Unfortunately, our impromptu health talk for eye cares ended when I reached my destination. But I am most grateful to this kind lady for trying to share with me what she had learned of this common health issue. I have heard from this gentle senior that besides surgery, there may be other preventive measures for an eye condition that is creeping up on us while we are getting older.

My chance encounter with this friendly fellow-passenger this morning also brought me a poignant but inspiring moment.

Of course, it is sad to see others lose their precious eye sight due to someone’s unwillingness to listen. But her proactive spirit on combating her disability is very encouraging. Instead of throwing in her handkerchiefs, she strives to find cures for this debilitating eye condition. - Ayee

*According to Wikipedia, ionized water is being marketed as an antioxant that supposes to slow aging and prevent diseases.

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Leo said...

My wife has had success slowing down her cataracts by drinking alkaline water. It helps to have an alkaline diet as well.